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"A good home is a place you can always come back to, and a great mortgage is one that helps navigate you there."

My team and I are dedicated to providing exceptional, professional mortgage services. Partnered with one of the top brokerages in Canada, we have access to over 50 lenders and hundreds of mortgage products. We help our clients navigate their mortgage journey by providing expert advice and obtaining the best option for each clients specific situation. We’re here to maximize your opportunities and ensure your success at every turn.

 -Danny Horner, Owner and Principal Mortgage Broker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use a Mortgage Broker?
Our services are paid for by the lender and there is no cost to you as a client. There are a few situations that a fee may be charged however if that is the case we will always have that conversation upfront and ensure you know of these costs.
When should I reach out to a Mortgage Broker?
We recommend you reach out to us as soon as you start thinking about home ownership or changing your current mortgage/living situation. We can help you create a plan that will put you in the best possible position to achieve your goals.
What if I have bad credit?
We work with many different financial institutions that have products to help individuals with credit challenges. If you are in a situation where there is no lender willing to say "yes" we will work with you to educate and create a plan. We continue along the mortgage journey with you to get a "yes" from a lender.
Do we deal with only one bank?
We work with some of the top lenders in Canada, including big banks, credit unions, trust companies and monoline broker lenders. This gives us specialized access to 50+ lender options to find the best fit for each clients needs.

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